It’s that time of year again, and the Kilt Lifters are headed back into the studio to record a pair of EP’s.  We’re extremely grateful to Dave Mulligan for granting us the use of Fat Dragon Studio at Waiki’i Ranch.  It’s always a great experience going into the studio and having the band together enjoying the great energy and high spirits.  Robbie Calvo will once again be producing the new EP’s.  Robbie has not only been a huge support to the Kilt Lifters, but also a great friend.   Robbie’s work on the first EP, “Jack in the Green“, was beyond any expectation.  The EP’s are set to be released approximately 6 months apart, with the first targeted to be available mid-March.  The first EP will be titled, “Friends Old and New”

The Kilt Lifters review studio takes

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