Celtic Folk Rock from Hawai`i

Hailing from the land of volcanoes and waterfalls, The Kilt Lifters bring a progressive twist to Celtic folk music. The Kilt Lifters perform energetic traditionals and original Celtic and folk music. With their modern arrangements and contemporary influences, this is not your traditional Celtic trad. Performances weave together captivating vocals, storytelling and beautiful arrangements with unique instrumentation, including nyckelharpa, 7-string electric violin and flute. The Kilt Lifters perform throughout Hawai`i and the Mainland at festivals and special events, ranging from as far as Alaska to the small town pubs of rural Ireland. The Kilt Lifters offer a unique, progressive sound in a Celtic line-up.

The Kilt Lifters were formed out of a love of Celtic music and culture. Hawai`i is a unique place to perform cultural music. Here we understand that the you must work to keep your culture and heritage alive. As longtime musicians and Celtic music enthusiasts, we brought in influences from our favorite performers across genres to form the unique sound of The Kilt Lifters. As students of history, the stories behind the music are an important component in our stage performances that we share with our audiences.

Band Briefs

Band Location: Hawai`i Island, Hawai`i, USA

Performing Since: 2015

Genre: Celtic Folk Rock, Progressive World Folk

Band Members:
Chris Carr: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Flute, Banjo
Morgan O’Shaughnessey: Violin, Nyckelharpa
Arthur Stephano: Bass
Joe O’Laughlin: Percussion

Jethro Tull, Seven Nations, Tempest, Enter the Haggis, Old Blind Dogs, Christy Moore, Johnny Cash

Notable Performances:
Celt Cruise Alaska, Hawai`i Pirate Festival, Ireland Tour 2018, Westin Hapuna Resort, Mauna Lani Resort, Hilton Waikoloa Resort, Tacoma Highland Games, Honolulu Highland Games, Hawai`i Irish Fest, Celtic Bash, Oceanfront Music Festival

A Celtic Band in Hawai`i?

Yes! Hawai`i has a vibrant and active Celtic community, with several cultural organizations and numerous events throughout the year. The Hawai`ian Scottish Association hosts an annual Highland Games and Scottish Festival in Waikiki and for more than 50 years an annual St. Patrick’s Day parade has taken over the streets of Honolulu. It is not an accident, there is a long connection between the Celtic nations and Hawai`i. Beloved Hawai`ian Princess Ka`iulani, the last heir to the monarchy, was half Scottish. Scottish and Irish sailors were among the earliest western explorers to make contact in Hawai`i, many of whom settled here and became integrated in the local community. The Celtic community in Hawaii lives on as a group, who like the native Hawai`ians, work to stay connected to their culture and history.


Do You Play Hawai`ian Music?

Our arrangements are Celtic with a folk-rock and progressive influence. No Hawai`ian music, just proudly making Celtic music in Hawai`i.


The Kilt Lifters have appeared on numerous blogs and programs, including Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, 67 Music Podcast, Maui Celtic Radio, Windy City Irish Radio and were featured in Irish Music Magazine. Click here to read the article!

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